A brief history of the standing desk

Placed on Monday December 15, 2014

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A brief history of the standing desk



Standing instead of sitting is not a hype, it's here to stay

Decades ago people already discoverd the power of standing. Many activities which are being practised sitting can be done in a standing position too.


Ernest Hemingway was a famous believer of the standing desk

The famous Ernest Hemingway (21 juli 1899 - 2 juli 1961) was always, really always standing when he was writing (and he did a lot). As his books are still sold and read, more than 50 years after he died, standing stimulated his energy and creativity.


Use it like it's ment

Nowadays more and more people get aware about the benefits of using a standing desk. We tried to add some advantages so that people not only adopt it only for his great exterior, but also are stimulated to really use it and improve their health, energy, results and fun.


What do you think

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