Sorry guys, size does matter

Placed on Wednesday February 25, 2015

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Sorry guys, size does matter


Sorry guys, size does matter


It is our ambition to meet the needs of our customers. That's why you can fully customize your own MisterBrightLight from over 500 colors and prints. And you can add some cool gadget to boost your MisterBrightLight even more. So far, so good.


Besides from day 1 you select your favorite measurements between 160cm and 200 cm wide (and depth between 80 cm and 100 cms). But recently we've been asked for bigger sizes. Not once, but several times. And as you know we want to satisfy the needs of our fans. 


So today we announce that MisterBrightLight is now available untill a stunning 280 cm wide! Do you agree that sizes does matter? Enlarge your MisterBrightLight today and get yourself the perfect desk that suits you most. Check out our website


Do you have more needs we should respond to? Please let us know by or call + 31 6 11 75 11 21 or check us out on Twitter and Facebook


Our conlusion is that size does really matter. And we are getting bigger and bigger. In many ways. Thanks for your support.


Kind regards,

Marcel Demper and Wilfred Romijn
Founders of MisterBrightLight. 
Located in The Netherlands. Worldwide delivery.



MisterBrightLight gives you and your office an extraordinary boost!
Customize your own MisterBrightLight today!

Mail to or call + 31 6 11 75 11 21. MisterBrightLight is located in The Netherlands – Worldwide delivery.

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