Now we're also brighten up your meetings!

After we launched MisterBrightLight we received various requests for a conference table in the same style. So now we’re introducing : MisterBrightLight’s Conference Table. Of course, this also has all the unique features of MisterBrightLight’s adjustable-height desk. Designed to make meetings more effective, generate higher energy levels and stimulate plenty of bright ideas. Standing meetings are shorter, more creative and productive. Read more about the effect of stand up meetings on



Our conference tables are fully "tailor-made" so you can choose your own dimensions and style. The price depends on the dimensions and options you choose and, of course, on the number of tables you order. Enquire about prices here.


For more information, please contact Marcel Demper at or phone +31 6 25 24 48 84 or Wilfred Romijn or phone +31 6 11 75 11 21.

MisterBrightLight gives you and your office an extraordinary boost!
Customize your own MisterBrightLight today!

Mail to or call + 31 6 11 75 11 21. MisterBrightLight is located in The Netherlands – Worldwide delivery.

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