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Dutch start-up launches office revolution in Milan


Italy, Milan, April 11, 2015


Within 10 years, offices will be totally transformed. We will sit less, but stand behind our desks for several hours a day. Surrounded by office furniture equipped with sensors and exchanging information with our smartphones. At least, that is the belief of the inventors of MisterBrightLight, the office desk of the future that will be presented this week during the high design event, Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.


Office Revolution

‘We are on the eve of an office revolution.’, predicts Marcel Demper who has developed MisterBrightLight together with Wilfred Romijn. ‘We have known for years that healthy food and regular exercise is good for you. But recently, we have also become aware that sitting all day is just as damaging to your health as smoking and that a few hour's a day standing work is more effective than a workout at the gym. So the government, employers and employees are sounding the alarm. The health benefits are now up for grabs ‘between nine and five’. With MisterBrightLight, we offer the perfect solution for anyone who wants to work more productively and at the same time, wants to improve his health.’



The smart desk has a distinctive design with integrated LED lights, is height adjustable and equipped with the latest technology. ‘The desk pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. With one press off your phone it will move automatically to your preferred height. Not only convenient, to alternate frequently between sitting and standing, but also ideal for shared desks and flexible workplaces. You no longer need to crawl under the desk to put it at the correct height. Your phone charges automatically when you place it on the desktop. Old-fashioned phone chargers are no longer necessary’, Wilfred Romijn explains.


High five

For those who still need extra motivation to stand up regurlarly, MisterBrightLight also offers a solution. When you’re sitting for too long behind your desk, you'll receive a message on your smartphone that it is time to stand up! In addition, you'll get real-time insight into the extra calories you're burning while standing. Besides, you can set personal goals to be rewarded with a virtual "high-five" when you've reached your target. It's all adjustable. You always have control of your MisterBrightLight.


Standing meetings

Each MisterBrightLight is custom made and available in over 500 colors. Also, you choose the table format yourself. With a maximum size of (add cm!) 110 x 47 inch MisterBrightLight can also be purchased for stand-up meetings. Stand-up meetings offers benefits: the meetings are not only shorter, but usually more effective and better for your health (and not only because you don't have to listen to your boss for so long).



This state-of-the-art desk can be delivered any where in the world and is available from $ 1,875,- through the website (link), including all the functions. Marcel Demper says: ‘It is a simple calculation: investing in MisterBirghtLight pays for itself in more productivity, lower absenteeism through illness and greater employee satisfaction‘.


Revolution starts in Milan

The first MisterBrightLights have been sold to early adopters who knew about product during the development phase. There is now serious interest from all corners of the world. The official launch this week during Europe’s most important furniture and design event has kickstarted the office revolution from this Dutch start-up.


More information via www.misterbrightlight.com




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Images can be downloaded from www.misterbrightlight.com/photos


Here are two short videos:

- ‘3d Animation Video’ (English): http://www.misterbrightlight.com/page6615/watch-3d-movie

- ‘Tested by the Case’ (Dutch): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf2L_nH3sg4


For more information and interviews please contact Marcel Demper via marcel@misterbrightlight.com or via phone no +31 6 25 24 48 84 or by Wilfred Romijn via wilfred@misterbrightlight.com or phone number +31 6 11 75 11 21.

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